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      The inkhorn explores ancient mystery Babylon and ancient alignments to the pyramids. Comparing scriptures to one another (verse compilations) between the Lord’s numerology and geometry to the devil’s geometry. One funny connection you will find between mystery Babylon and the Ark of the Covenant is their geometric similarities to one another. For instance, the tabernacle of the Aaronic priesthood was overlaid with all the rare metals of the earth and incased with 12 rare stones; each stone signifying each individual tribe of Israel. Now Mystery Babylon is described in a similar fashion with all the same rare resources depicted in the Ark of the covenant. Now what is the connection between the two (As above so below). Well, all the ancients likewise filled their temples with the same objects depicted in the Bible (Mystery Babylon) (Ark of the covenant).
      All ancient societies (from all parts of the world) (different timelines) building pyramid temples in alignment to various stars (Angels) of the universe. One would imagine either this is a one in a billion coincidence or there is a higher principality at work building their own interconnected links between multiple worlds (As above so below) similar to the Lord of host interpretation. Nonetheless, the Bible actually reveals the mystery to this sorcery. The book of Ezekiel describing Lucifer as an anointed gold cherub (that covereth) of nine rare stone coverings who walked amidst the stones of fire on the Holy mountain of God. Therefore, two and two put together we begin to understand the mystery of the angle’s insurrection; even how the devils geometry came into manifestation (spirit of anti-Christ). The answer being the defilement of the Lords sanctuary; even the temple of the living God between both worlds. As above (mountain of God) (higher habitations) so below (Earth) (Mankind).
      Therein revealing the mystery of ancient mythology and all things of the ancient world. Meaning the devil invades our bodies and defiles our consciousness by his own form of spirit and geometric system amidst the world; even the higher places. The God of forces. For we battle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. My book defining the devil not as an earthly bound creature but rather as an elemental cosmic virus altering the natural course of reality itself to fit into the beast system and his own body (False Christian denominations) (ancient false religions). The spirit of anti-Christ. For even Christ Jesus himself said in the New Testament. If Satan be divided against himself how shall his kingdom stand. Moreover, in other scriptures the Lord also says {Matthew 11:12} “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”
      Now as we Christians are clothed by the spirit of God (after receiving Jesus Christ) likewise are the children of Satan (False Christian denominations) clothed by the principalities of Satan. For whatsoever is not of the word is of the devil (spirit of anti-Christ) and whatsoever is of the truth abides in the simplicity of Christ and the fruits of the gospel (attributes of the Holy spirit). Meaning there are only two hierarchies and two bodies of the worlds. The word of life and the shield of salvation or the word of a thousand different lies conceived to defile the soul and sear our consciousness (False teachers of the world). Nevertheless, my book proves without a doubt by the truth in the scriptures (two by two scripture comparisons between God and Satan) that the devil has replicated a similar principality to Jesus Christ; even the throne of God the Father.
      Now the mystery of ancient sun and moon worship is actually revealed in the Bible through encoded verses, parables, and proverbs. Illustrating by various scriptures that ancient Israel was the temple of JE-HOV-AH God (The Sun); even one body in Christ. Both the Old and the New Testament constantly referring to the glory of man as fire. For our God is a consuming fire; even ourselves one in the Lord. Nevertheless, we shall be saved as so by fire according to the New Testament. Also, it is written in Matthew 3:11: “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance. but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.”
      My book also explores other various subjects in Christian eschatology on a more profound level. subjects and things such as Giants, abnormal birth defects, the cause of disease and human defects, demonic possession, wickedness in high places, the principalities of Satan, the spirit of anti-Christ, Mystery Babylon, the God of forces, the mystery of the All-seeing eye symbol. The glory of man (The Sun), the spirit of man (Fire) The high principalities of God, (throne of God) (seven candlesticks of fire), mankind one body in Christ (The Sun) (Fountain of living waters), the clothing of the Holy Ghost (principalities of Christ Jesus), The sign of the times, the rapture, the resurrection, the prophet Elijah, The mysteries of the law and Aaronic priesthood, the renewing of the Holy Ghost, and finally the mystery of JEHOV-AH GOD between the Old and New Testament.
      Is Jesus Christ an angel (JE-HOV-AH) or is he not. Well I have come up with a new answer that will change Christian eschatology as we know it by the truth in the scriptures.
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